Menu & Calendar


Fresh is a key ingredient at The Villa. Chef Mia, former chef at Napoleon’s restaurant in Warrenton, is adamant about the use of fresh, quality ingredients. He says the meals he presents to residents are freshly made, not frozen and reheated. “I like to choose my own ingredients, create and season everything fresh.”

Menus might include chicken with a lemon butter sauce with capers, fresh salmon or steak, or pecan-crusted chicken. Sauces like red pepper sauce or port wine sauce are low-fat with no added salt, in consideration of special diets. Desserts are low-sugar and low-sodium as well, and frequently include fresh fruit.


There is never a dull moment at The Villa. Every day we offer a wide variety of activities from residents’ favorite board games, to cooking demos, exercise classes and movie nights. This gives residents an opportunity to enjoy their favorite activities while getting to know their neighbors. During the organized outings, residents can explore local vineyards, restaurants or events. With a vast array of options, there is sure to be something for everyone!