March 18, 2021

Senior giving thumbs up

Prior to the holidays on December 11, 2020, Fauquier Health implemented a zero-visitor protocol at the hospital due to the documented increase in confirmed positive cases in our region. In early March of 2021, Fauquier Health was able to move back to a limited visitor policy due to the decrease in the number of confirmed positive cases in the region. Now, after a long awaited time, Fauquier Health has made the decision to allow family members and visitors to visit their loved ones at our senior care facilities. This includes Fauquier Health Rehabilitation & Nursing Center and the Villa at Suffield Meadows.

The Villa at Suffield Meadows, effective March 15, 2021, began allowing approved visitors and family members to start visiting with their loved ones face-to-face. Visitation in resident apartments will be permitted, in addition to foyer and outdoor visits. Visitors must call ahead 540.316.3800 to schedule a one-hour time slot for visitation.

This limited opening is in large part due to the vaccination efforts of the eligible participants as part of Phase 1a and Phase 1b. About 99% of the Villa residents have been fully vaccinated to date, which provides for a feeling of safety and security. Both the resident and visiting parties must continue to wear appropriate masks during all visits. If the resident and/or the visitor is not fully vaccinated, they need to maintain social distancing during the visit. Visitation is not permitted at this time in the common areas, during meals, or during activities. 

Fauquier Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (FHRNC), which did not suffer any outbreaks during the last year, has also reopened to a limited-visitation policy. About 98% of the FHRNC residents have been fully vaccinated to date. With regards to visitation, a maximum of three approved visitors will be allowed to visit their loved ones face-to-face at one time, twice a week for a 20-minute period. Visits in resident rooms, except in special circumstances, are not permitted at this time. All visits will be in designated areas of the facility. Visitors may include children and each child counts as one of the three visitors, even infants.

Visitors at Fauquier Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (FHRNC) must also call ahead to make a reservation ahead of time. Visitors and family members can call to reserve their visit time 540.316.5500 or to inquire about the current visitation policy and details. Visit frequency will depend upon availability.